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    Nicholas Irons


    Nicholas Irons


    Nicholas Irons is a British actor and producer. He is mainly known for his roles in the movies like “The Madness of King George” (1994), “A Kid in Aladdin’s Palace”(1997), and ‘Backwaters’ (2006). He was born in 1970 in Hampshire, England, United Kinkdom. He trained at the Guildhall School. Nicholas Irons is known by his nickname, Nick. Many people think that Nicholas Irons and Jeremy Irons are related, this confusion was cleared by Nick’s college friend, he said that Nick was asked this question several times and Nick confirmed that there’s no family connection between him and Jeremy Irons. He acted in some TV series, Videos, a TV Series Documentary, and some TV Movies. Nick’s journey as an actor in TV movies started in 1997.

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    Nicholas Irons

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