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    Helena Howard


    Helena Howard, birthed 23 July, 1998, in New York, New York. Ethnically Ambiguous- Helena's ethnic heritage includes: African American, Cuban, and Native American(paternal); English, Irish, Scottish, Scandinavian-Swedish,Finish,Nordic-,Italian, Iberian, and German(maternal). She began acting in theater, on stage, though nothing professional. Her first 'PRO' gig came upon meeting Josephine Decker, by "chance"-though she would like to believe that there are no such thing as coincidences. During a duration of 2-3 years, they would go on to workshop, collaborate (along with Pig Iron and a troupe of actors), and create what is now known as, 'Madeline's Madeline'. In 2018, 'Madelines Madeline' had its national premier at Sundance and International at Berlinale. This would was also the debut/breakout year for Helena, with Helena going on to be nominated at the Gotham Awards later that year, and the Independent Spirit Awards the following year.

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    Helena Howard

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