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    Soufiane El Khalidy


    Soufiane El Khalidy is an actor who has appeared in dozens of Hollywood movies, television series and high budget European productions . In fact, Soufiane El Khalidy has recently finished filming a new Hollywood movie “Mary” with Anthony Hopkins. He also played next to Benoit Magimel on the 70 million dollars’ french movie “De Gaulle”. Moreover, he incarnated the character of Kerem on the Paramount Plus mini-series, "Ghosts Of Beirut", and will also appear on the upcoming German movie, "Klandestin WT", next to the French icon, Lambert Wilson. Soon, he will start filming a new Italian movie as a lead next to the Italian star, Sveva Alviti, mostly known for her portrayal of the legendary singer, Dalida, on the successful French movie of the same name, and Natalya on the new Netflix action movie, "AKA". During his career, Soufiane El Khalidy appeared and worked in various music videos from famous L.A rockstars like Train, One Ok Rock, BRMC. He recently starred in the new music video “ Tatooine/ Maintenance” by the French rapper , JXSH. Furthermore, Soufiane received several accolades from the international press and Hollywood professionals. He was named several times as one of the "Top 10 Most talented actors born in Africa and Morocco" or "The Moroccan with Multiple Talents in Hollywood". On the other hand, Soufiane is an award winning short-film director and screenwriter for "Flags and Masks Down", "Juke Box Zero" and "Just Like You Imagined". Moreover, Soufiane El Khalidy released his first novel " Les Riffs D'un Moroccan Rebel" with the French publisher, "Editions Amalthée", in 2022. It’s available in more than 400 book stores and retailers around the world. Soufiane El Khalidy earned his master degree in fine arts and Film Production from the prestigious " Full Sail University" in Florida with a global scholarship for excellency in filmmaking. He was also accepted to pass the preliminary auditions at the Actors Studio New York in order to become a lifetime member in 2017. In 2022, Soufiane El Khalidy married the french actress, Nadia Benzakour ( Seneca, No Man’s Land, Princes of The Desert, Killing Jesus, Bureau des légendes ) in a highly publicized ceremony in Tangier. Soufiane is from Agadir, Morocco. His father, El Khalidy Larbi, is a general practitioner and was a lieutenant for the Moroccan Army during the Sahara war in the 80's. His mom, Malika El Kaddouri, was a nurse for four decades.

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    Soufiane El Khalidy

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