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    Victor Lamoglia Agra Gomes (Rio de Janeiro, March 12, 1993) is a Brazilian actor, comedian and youtuber, known for 'Anything for a Pop Star' (2018), 'Ana e Vitória' (2018) and 'Nobody is Looking' (2019). Victor started in theater in 2004, when he acted in 'O Menino Maluquinho', directed by Alice Reis. Also on stage, he performed works such as 'O Beijo no Asfalto', by Nelson Rodrigues; 'Eu Sou João Gustavo', by Lucas Salles and 'Contos de Verão', by Domingos Oliveira. He spent more than two years performing and traveling around Brazil with his improvisation group "Deu Branco – Cenas Improvisadas". On TV, he made special appearances on Multishow's A Grande Família, As Canalhas and Desenrola Aí. He is also a member of the humor channel Parafernalha. In 2018, he debuted in theaters as Júlio, the protagonist's career advisor in 'Gaby Estrella-O Filme'. In August, he joined the cast of the romantic comedy 'Ana e Vitória', giving life to Ricardo Guilherme, a romantic interest of the protagonist Vitória (Vitória Falcão). He was also part of the film 'Anything for a Pop Star', based on the book of the same name by writer Thalita Rebouças. In 2019, he starred in the feature film Socorro, 'Virei Uma Garota!', in the role of Júlio. He starred in telenovelas playing youtuber and digital influencer Jessé Junior in 'Bom Sucesso', from Rede Globo. He gained greater prominence when he gave life to Ulisses Angelus, in the series 'Nobody's Looking', on Netflix. The year following the production, it won the International Emmy for Best Comedy Series. In 2020, he was hired by TV Globo to join the cast of the sixth and final season of the humorous 'Zorra', he also played the prejudiced Edney in the film 'Carlinhos e Carlão', released on Prime Video. In 2021, he starred in one of the episodes of the comedy series 5x Comédia alongside Thati Lopes and debuted as a presenter on the reality M.E.M.E of Comédia on TNT. In theaters, he starred in five films: 'I Feel Good About You', 'How to Hack Your Boss', 'Mission Cupid', 'L.O.C.A.' and 'Chain Reaction'. In 2022, he played Edinho in the series 'As Seguidoras', which follows the story of a digital influencer who, due to her obsession to get followers, goes to the last consequences by becoming a serial killer. In cinema, the film 'Eduardo e Mônica' premiered, based on the song of the same name by the band Legião Urbana, in the role of student Inácio, the best friend of the protagonist.

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    Victor Lamoglia

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