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    Courtney Glaude


    Courtney JáPaul Glaudé, writer, director, and producer grew up in Houston’s 5th Ward. After dealing with abuse and bullying as a child; he found himself escaping into his imagination, creating a different atmosphere, and uncovering his passion for filmmaking. A master of creativity and an executer of vision; Courtney cleverly uses his talents to vividly depict storytelling on the big screen. A Modern day Gideon; his passion is clear as he consistently creates quality films including well -developed characters, unpredictable storylines, and jarring visuals to match. His bold and unapologetic approach lead him to write and produce two short films: Row and Pit Stop. Both films are in the film festival circuit now with Row winning the Los Angeles Short Film Festival (LASFF), for Best Drama 2017. Clearly, Courtney has embraced the diversity of Houston by captivating the audiences of every age and culture. Today, Courtney has now finished the feature film Blinked, that will premiere in a private showing July 29,2017 and is currently working on a crime series: Rock-A-Bye. Without a doubt, we are witnessing greatness form in Houston. It is very safe to say; the inimitable Courtney JáPaul Glaudé could be one of, if not the greatest storyteller ever.

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    Courtney Glaude

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