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    Gerald Flood


    Gerald Flood was born in Portsmouth, son of a Naval family. He was a wireless operator during the War and worked as a filing clerk after the War ended until he landed a job with the Farnham Repertory Company. It was there that he met his future wife, Anne. He toured in rep, and appeared in productions including "Hamlet," "Power and Glory" and "Charley's Aunt." In 1960 he performed in "The Complaisant Lover" at the Globe Theatre and went on to appear in "The Formation Dancers," "Children's Day" and "There's A Girl In My Soup." In the 1960's he appeared in a science fiction series called "Pathfinders in Space" (1960), and its sequels "Pathfinders to Mars" (1960-1961) and "Pathfinders to Venus" (1961). Other television roles followed, including "The Ratcatchers" (1966/67), "A Sharp Intake of Breath," "Third Time Lucky" and "Bleak House." He also guested on shows like "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased): A Disturbing Case" (1969), "Strange Report" (1969), "Steptoe and Son: What Prejudice" (1970) and "Return of the Saint" (1979). His films included "Black Beauty" (1946), "Patton" (1970), "Smokescreen" and "Frightmare" (1974). He died in April 1989.

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    Gerald Flood

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