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    Aimee Stolte


    Aimee Stolte is a Canadian/American actress who has appeared in multiple films, from the Russian antagonist Yana Popov in SyFy Channel's Original film "Megalodon" to a recurring role as a Medusa-like character known as The Gorgon in the YouTube Original sensation "Escape The Night". Joanna in the emotionally dramatic "Wounded" to the vivacious villain Gemma Walker in the horror film "Fear PHarm" and reprized the role again in the sequel. Whether Antagonist or Protagonist, Lead or Supporting, Stolte's work brings a determination and depth to each role she dives into. Born in Buffalo, New York she later moved to Canada where she and her siblings spent their formative years. Stolte spent most of her years growing up in Saskatoon, SK, where she also obtained her Bachelors of Commerce. Stolte moved to Vancouver and began her acting career appearing on national television episodes of various popular shows before ultimately making the move to Los Angeles to pursue film.

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    Aimee Stolte

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