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    Matthew Lynn


    Matthew Lynn


    As a child, Matt Lynn would talk into his tape recorder and tell the stories of space battles and magic castles. For his entire life, Matt's focus has been on creating worlds that inspire the imagination. Through film, he has learned that this gift can not only create worlds, but change the world and people around him. It's this unique perspective that inspired him to create the production company Bridge the Divide Media to tell Queer stories. His work has been accepted into Cannes, Tribeca, Frameline, Outfest and more while also receiving both Gotham and Queerty award nominations. After attending the American Film Institute Conservatory's MFA program, Matt has traveled around the world creating and producing projects including feature and short films, documentaries, music videos, series and has created original shows for Youtube star Davey Wavey and served as the cinematographer for Brian Jordan Alvarez from Will and Grace. His ability to lead a team while bringing a unique perspective makes Matthew Lynn a queer filmmaker to watch out for.

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    Matthew Lynn

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