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    Aiysha Jebali


    Aiysha Jebali was born in Aberdeen. It was here, at six years old, that she had her first acting experience with drama summer school, 'Texico Theatre'. She played supporting roles in TT's, 'Bye Bye Birdie' and in 'Brave Bairns' (an adaptation of Braveheart). She moved out to a small town called Huntly, in Aberdeenshire, with her family where she attended The Gordon Schools Primary and The Gordon Schools Secondary. She always got on very well in drama class and received a credit grade in her standard grade drama later on. Aiysha spent her down time doing any school dance class she could get her hand on, as well as maintaining her martial arts classes twice a week. When she was 14 she was one of the 10 successful auditionees for Elevate Youth Dance Company, out of a whopping over 400 initial auditionees. She then re-auditioned when she was 15 and was again accepted. This was when she really started to become more curious about performing. She then moved out and attended Dance College in a town in Morayshire called Lossiemouth. She stayed here for one year becoming disciplined in dance drama and singing - although singing was never her favourite. She was given a monologue in the end of year showcase and several group dances and songs. After her year was complete she moved back to her home city of Aberdeen. It was there that she met John-William and Graeme Noble and joined their filming group. This was the start of Aiysha's filming career and hopefully there is more to come to add to that career. Aiysha also loves writing, particularly poetry and is working on a novel and chapbook of her works.

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    Aiysha Jebali

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