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    Conner O'Malley


    Conner O'Malley


    Connor O'Malley is an American comedian from Chicago, Illinois. He's written for and starred in many comedy shows, including Joe Pera Talks With You as Mike Melsky, How To with John Wilson, and I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson. O'Malley is also well-known for his YouTube channel, on which he has amassed over 205,000 subscribers as of March 2024, where he posts videos portraying a very manic and aggressive persona, described by some as "performance art" because of his unusual style of comedy. In 2023 he published his first short film 'The Mask' on his YouTube channel, which was very well received by fans and has over 500,000 views. His directorial debut 'Rap World' created with Danny Scharer will world premiere at the 2024 LA Festival of Movies.

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    Conner O'Malley

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