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    Kulap Vilaysack


    Kulap Vilaysack


    Kulap Vilaysack (Coo-lop V-Lie-Sock) is a multitalented actor, writer, and comedian known for her creative prowess and vibrant presence in the entertainment industry. Born in Washington, D.C., Vilaysack ventured into the world of comedy and entertainment, showcasing her talent and wit. Vilaysack was also the creator, showrunner and sometimes director of the 4-season semi-scripted comedy series "Bajillion Dollar Propertie$," where she also appeared in a recurring role. Her debut documentary, "Origin Story" chronicles a road trip into her complicated past to meet her biological father and understand her mother. Vilaysack's podcasting contributions include hosting "Who Charted?" co-hosting "Add To Cart" with SuChin Pak and being a guest on Comedy Bang! Bang! (She is also the ex-girlfriend and current wife of host Scott Aukerman.) Her dedication to comedy and storytelling continues to earn her praise, establishing her as a dynamic figure in the entertainment world.

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    Kulap Vilaysack

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