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    Jermaine Washington


    Jermaine Washington


    Jermaine's acting career started by accident when he took a friend to a local extra casting call. At first, Jermaine was not interested in the casting call, but a producer persuaded him to try out. After a few more extras casting calls and attending an acting workshop, the acting bug bit him. He contacted Shari Rhodes, a local New Mexico and Texas casting director, for personal coaching in acting. Instead, she encouraged him to audition for a supporting role in the movie Urban Justice starring Steven Segal and Eddie Griffin. He was booked for the role, since then he has been on various movies and television series. He has had the privilege to work in such movies as Felon, Ring of Death, In Plain Sight, Terminator Salvation, Gamer, The Book of Eli, and Thor. Jermaine continues to pursue an acting career with enthusiasm as well as opportunities to work in stunts.

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    Jermaine Washington

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