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    Gino Marrocco


    Gino Marrocco


    He left Alliste (Lecce) Italy at the age of thirteen to emigrate to Canada, Toronto, where, thanks to a long career as an actor, his image and talent have been appreciated in cinemas around the world. It dates back to about thirty years ago the last time Gino Marrocco (at the registry office Egidio Giuseppe) had returned full of "nostalgia" to Salento (Puglia), the place of his origins that he carried always and everywhere with him, in his heart. To give news of his death due to an incurable illness, at the age of 79 years old in April 2019, was his daughter Ashley. Gino was born in Alliste, while the nearby Felline was the place of origin of his dear "Mamma Nena". Before joining his father Augusto, who had emigrated to Canada sometime earlier, Marrocco had attended secondary school in Gallipoli

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    Gino Marrocco

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