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    Matt Malecki


    Matt Malecki


    Matt Malecki is a Polish actor based in London, UK. He graduated from the National Drama School in Cracow, Poland in 2016 and has over 10 years experience in the art of theatre as well as in front of the camera. Matt always seeks a challenge in every new project both to stretch his abilities and trying to improve his skills. He is an open minded person ready to take on board any suggestions from directors. Matt recently played Ziggy in the 2018 film "Hurricane", starring Iwan Rheon ("Game of Thrones") directed by David Blair and an upcoming feature film titled "British Made" in 2018 directed by Simon Rickards. He is the Winner for the "Best Actor Showreel" Award in 2018. His hobbies include: magic tricks, playing the guitar and acrobatics. Motto: " The way you play should make people laugh and cry, the subject you play about should change them"

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    Matt Malecki

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