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    Ewerton de Castro


    Ewerton de Castro


    Ewerton de Castro (São Paulo, December 11, 1945) is a Brazilian actor, screenwriter, producer and director. He retired in 2011 and moved to the United States. Ewerton began his career in theater and participated in more than 25 films, in addition to numerous theatrical shows, as an actor and director, and soap operas. He received the award for best supporting actor, for the role of Mário, in the film Anjo Loiro, at the 1973 Santos Festival. In 2006, he played Martim Afonso de Sousa in the Staging of the village of São Vicente, held on Biquinha beach in São Vicente (São Paulo). In 2011, after the miniseries The Story of Esther, Ewerton announced that she was retiring. In 2014, exceptionally, he accepted to star in the play O Amor Move o Sol e Outro Estrelas in Cordeirópolis as a way of encouraging theater in the interior of São Paulo.

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    Ewerton de Castro

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