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    George Uhl


    George Uhl


    With all those fantastic bitches in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania, it’s not always convenient to ship over prime American beef to stuff them with. Thank God we’ve got George Uhl. Born and bred in the Czech Republic and a proud pounder in all those hot Eastern European countries, George is one of the busiest pussy slayers on the continent – maybe in the whole world. This guy’s got the fuck stamina of ten stallions and the cock power of a dozen jacked up rhinos charging full speed ahead with their horns in the air. George has fucked so many vaginas and assholes that the tip of his dick has seen more innards than alien x-ray probes. George has a certain specialty which keep the studios, and the ladies, always coming back for more… and that’s more cum. George always delivers not one but two whopping loads in every scene. Don’t believe us? Just watch him ram some snatch before filling that hole up with creamy goo. George goes right back to fucking and about ten minutes later he’s reloaded for his next delivery of warm facials. You really get the best of both worlds when George is in the picture. With over 1,000 titles to his name, George is a European Idol. The name Uhl always gets those chicks drooling, and not just from their mouths, but from their slick pink pie-holes, too.

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    George Uhl

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