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    Bernard de La Villardière


    Bernard de La Villardière


    Bernard de La Villardière (born 25 March 1958) is a French journalist, radio and television presenter. In September 1998, Bernard de La Villardière joined the channel M6 to host Zone Interdite, the television program about society broadcast on Sunday created by Patrick de Carolis. From 2001 to 2005, he presents during the same period Ça me révolte on the same channel. Since 2005, he presents on the same channel Enquête exclusive on Sunday during the second part of the evening, a program about political, economical, social and cultural issues. He did in May 2007 an enquiry about the War in Darfur going over there with journalist Mélissa Theuriau, who succeeded him at Zone Interdite. The program was then broadcast in July 2007 on M6 at Zone Interdite. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    Bernard de La Villardière

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