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    Claudia Brücken (born 7 December 1963) is a German singer and songwriter. She is the lead vocalist of the synth-pop band Propaganda. In 1996, Brücken started working with Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark co-founder Paul Humphreys, first without a name, and from 2004 as Onetwo. In March 2013, Brücken and Humphreys ceased working and living together, and she has subsequently returned to pursuing her solo career. At age 14, Brücken joined her first band, Haarsträubend. Her second band was the all-female The Tripolinas together with Susanne Freytag, who also became a member of the band Propaganda. In 1983, Brücken joined the German band Propaganda and relocated to London when they signed with ZTT Records. Propaganda had two UK top 30 hit singles with "Dr Mabuse" (1984) and "Duel" (1985). On 14 February 1985, Brücken married British music journalist Paul Morley, who was one of the founders of the ZTT label. In July 1985, the first Propaganda album A Secret Wish was released. While promoting their first album and writing songs for a new album, internal tensions rose within the group. This was mainly attributed to the relationship between Brücken and Morley, and the profitless contract the band had signed with ZTT. In 1986, Propaganda left ZTT, and Brücken left Propaganda to stay with ZTT. I wasn't this kind of control freak which I sometimes was portrayed as. It was because we didn't have a very good deal at the time with ZTT, and everybody got very defensive about his or her bit, which was what drove us apart, really. It seemed for the band there were Paul and I and then the rest of them. They accused me of things; I'm really not one for making strategies and plotting behind people's back. She joined Thomas Leer to form Act, who in 1988 released their only album Laughter, Tears and Rage. In 1991 she released a solo album Love: And a Million Other Things for Island Records. In the United Kingdom two singles were released from this album "Absolut(e)" in 1990, and "Kiss Like Ether" in 1991. Throughout the rest of the 90s, Brücken concentrated mainly on motherhood (she has a daughter, Maddy, and a son, Daniel, with Paul Morley) and made some guest performances on albums of other artists. She had met Paul Humphreys (of OMD) in the early 1980s but it was in 1996 when the pair became close, as she was working on songs for a possible second solo album. In 1998, Brücken joined the part-reunion of Propaganda (in which founder Ralf Dörper, see also Die Krupps, did not take part) and they began working on new material. Several tracks were completed as demos, including a snippet of a video. A preview of this video was released via the band's official website in early 2000, however, the reunion fell apart and no album materialized, although nine songs were leaked to the internet. Two of these were later released as Onetwo songs: "Cloud Nine", co-written by Martin Gore of Depeche Mode, and "Anonymous". The original four-piece including founder Ralf Dörper performed together at the Trevor Horn Prince's Trust extravaganza which took place at the Wembley Arena in 2004. Another attempt at a band reunion failed in 2010. ... Source: Article "Claudia Brücken" from Wikipedia in English, licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0.

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