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    Barbara Minty McQueen


    Barbara Minty McQueen


    Barbara Minty (born June 11, 1953), also known as Barbara Minty McQueen, is an American photographer and former fashion model who was the third wife and widow of American film star Steve McQueen. They married in January 1980 and were together 10 months until his death that same year, November 1980. Minty was signed with power modeling agents Eileen Ford and Nina Blanchard and became an in-demand model, gracing the covers of dozens of magazines as well as advertisements in the 1970s. McQueen saw Minty's photo in an advertisement and had his agent arrange a meeting with her. After dating for a few months, they were married on January 16, 1980, and she was by his side until his death. She is the author of a book about their time together, Steve McQueen – The Last Mile. In 2012, Minty joined forces with the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization in the fight to ban asbestos, which may have caused the cancer that killed her husband.

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    Barbara Minty McQueen

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