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    Jordan Walker Ross


    Jordan Walker Ross


    Jordan is from Fort Worth, Texas and was born early with many health problems. He had 6 surgeries by the time he was 7 years old. He was diagnosed with Scoliosis at 2 years old and wore a brace 24 hours a day. When he was 7 years old his curve had progressed to over 90 degrees and he became the youngest person to undergo a full anterior and posterior spinal fusion. Jordan fell into acting in regional theatre at 6 years old in the role of Tiny Tim. He fell in love with acting, and because of all he had been through at such a young age he was more mature than most of his peers. His small stature was an advantage for him as well. He has since performed in over 40 professional theatrical productions in Texas and California, as well as several TV shows and films. In January of 2010 he received an Associates Degree in Film Acting at the Kim Dawson Conservatory in Dallas.

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    Jordan Walker Ross

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