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    Donald F. Glut


    Donald F. Glut


    Donald F. Glut has been active in both the entertainment and publishing industries since 1966, and has had a long and varied career. He has been a professional musician, actor, film director, executive producer, photographer, magazine editor, proofreader and copywriter, but is mostly known for his long career as a freelance writer. He has written and directed feature-length motion pictures, documentaries and music videos, authored approximately 80 fiction and non-fiction published books, TV scripts (live action and animation shows, network and syndicated), comic-book scripts, short stories, magazine articles, even music and theatre. He has been involved with numerous popular franchises such as Star Wars, The Monkees, Tarzan, Spider-Man, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Vampirella, Masters of the Universe, The Flintstones, Jonny Quest and many others, and created original comic-book characters for Gold Key, Marvel and DC. He is arguably best known for his novelization of the second "Star Wars" movie, The Empire Strikes Back.

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    Donald F. Glut

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