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    Monique Parent


    Monique Parent began her professional acting career in 1990, spending years honing her craft by studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse with Milton Katselas and Jeffrey Tambor among others. Monique has worked in live theatre as well as a wide variety of film genres, sci-fi, horror, indie drama and comedy, appearing in well over 130 films as well as the streaming series Magic Funhouse and Anime Crimes Division. After close to 30 years in the film business, Monique has certainly picked up a few tips and tricks in the makeup and hair department and shares what she has learned on her YouTube channel. She focuses on keeping fit and healthy as part of any beauty routine and now has over a quarter million subscribers. Monique is currently working on an instructional book for directors and actors on the intricacies of working with nudity entitled Nudity on Film. She often assists productions by working as a professional Intimacy Coordinator. Miss Parent spoke on an AFI panel about shooting intimate scenes at the Dallas Film Festival, and was awarded the Southern California Motion Picture Council’s “Golden Halo” award in 2016 for achievements in acting.

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    Monique Parent

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