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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dennis Morgan (born Earl Stanley Morner, December 20, 1908 – September 7, 1994) was an American actor-singer. He used the acting pseudonym Richard Stanley before adopting the name under which he gained his greatest fame. Morgan started working at MGM as Stanley Morner. His best roles were in Mama Steps Out (1937) and Song of the City (1937), but he mostly did small parts. Morgan signed with Paramount billed as Richard Stanley. He was in several films in 1938 and 1939, including Men With Wings (1938). At Warner Bros. Morgan was billed as Dennis Morgan and was finally given lead roles in B movies such as Waterfront (1939) and No Place to Go (1939). In 1940 he was promoted to A movies. His best parts were in Kitty Foyle (1940) (on loan to RKO), Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943), and God is My Co-Pilot. He was often paired with Jack Carson. After Morgan's contract with Warner ended in 1952 he appeared in sporadic television guest roles. He retired from film work in 1956.

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