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    Jonathan Sand


    In a school play at the end of the 90s, Jonathan Sand played the composer Johann Sebastian Bach and has since followed his passion for the performing arts. In order to express himself on stage, he attended Sollentuna Fria gymnasium's Aesthetic program in theater from 2008–2011. In 2017, he attended a beginner training course at Kulturama led by Michael Hamory, which helped him develop his acting skills. He continued his acting training with Catarina "Cacki" Westerlund in the fall of the same year and as a result was cast as the demon in the Gröna Lund horror attraction Motel Hell/o. It was the first time he professionally performed on stage. His first professional on-camera appearance as an actor was in 2019 when he appeared as an extra in Season 2 of Before We Die. In 2022, he enrolled in another theater course at Kulturama, this time focused on the Meisner technique, as well as two courses led by Lukas Loughran at Cinemantrix: a beginner's course in film acting and its subsequent advanced course. As a freelance actor, he has appeared in over 50 productions, including short films, TV series such as 'Sommaren med släkten', 'Toppen' and the feature film 'A Day and a Half'.

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    Jonathan Sand

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