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    Kaci Tizi Ouzou


    Kaci Tizi Ouzou, born Hamid Lourari in 1931 in Beni Ourtilane and died on November 19, 2014 at the age of 83 in Algiers, is an Algerian actor, humorist and singer. Hamid "Kaci Tizi Ouzou" Lourari joined Bey Rédha's troupe at the age of 14 and began performing on stage in 1948 before going on a national tour between 1950 and 1954. During the Algerian National Liberation War, Hamid Lourari joined the national cause and left for France where he was arrested several times, for possession of weapons or for having hosted meetings of activists, before being released in 1961 and returning to Algeria. The day after independence, he joined Radio Chaîne II where he hosted his first shows, based on sketches and songs, with Mohamed Hilmi. In 1968, Hamid Lourari met his sidekick Ahmed Kadri, alias “Krikèche”, whom he accompanied on stage and on television under the stage name “Kaci Tizi Ouzou”, he also formed a duo with Hassan El Hassani. Popular figure with more than 30 years on the radio, a rich career of more than 6,000 radio broadcasts full of satire and derision, multiple appearances in cinema, on television and a long career on the stage, Kaci Tizi Ouzou published, in 2006, with Anep editions his memoirs entitled "Ammi Kaci or the memories of Kaci Tizi Ouzou". Hamid Lourari "Kaci Tizi Ouzou" died on Wednesday November 19, 2014, after a long fight against illness at the age of 83.

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    Kaci Tizi Ouzou

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