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    Takahiro Fujimoto


    Takahiro Fujimoto


    Takahiro Fujimoto (藤本 隆宏, Fujimoto Takahiro, born July 21, 1970) is a Japanese actor and a former swimmer born in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture. He graduated from Waseda University College of Human Sciences. He is affiliated with Hillstone Enterprise. He was previously a member of the Shiki Theater Company (Gekidan Shiki). As a swimmer, he set a Japanese record in the 200m and 400m individual medley and participated in the Olympic Games for the second time in a row. At the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, he became the first Japanese finalist in the same category in the 400m individual medley. He joined the Shiki Theater Company and became an actor. After appearing in many stage productions and musicals, he then began working in television dramas. ** Not to be confused with the voice actor of the same name but different writing Takahiro Fujimoto (藤本 たかひろ).

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    Takahiro Fujimoto

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