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    Eom Ji-yoon


    Eom Ji-yoon


    Uhm Ji Yoon is a South Korean comedienne and Youtuber. She made her debut in 2018 at the 32nd KBS open recruitment gag concert, and is currently the youngest comedian at KBS. She had a Youtube channel that was closed in late 2021 and a year later, she opened her new personal channel called "Umjirella" where she parodies the luxurious life of celebrities and also joined another Youtube channel called "Shortbox" with fellow comedians Kim Won Hoon and Jo Jin Se. Later, due to the success of the group "MSG Wannabe" created by Yoo Jae Suk in the show "Hangout with Yoo", he decided to create a female version of the group and Uhm was selected as part of the 12-women "WSG Wannabe".

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    Eom Ji-yoon

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