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    Segundo de Chomón


    Segundo de Chomón


    Segundo de Chomón became involved in film through his wife, who was an actress in Pathé films. In 1902, he became a concessionary for Pathé in Barcelona, distributing its products in Spanish-speaking countries and managing a factory for the coloring of Pathé films. He began shooting footage of Spanish locations for the company; then, in 1905, he moved to Paris where he became a trick film specialist. The body of work he created over five years was outstanding. De Chomón created fantastical narratives embellished with ingenious effects, gorgeous color, innovative hand-drawn, and puppet animation; tricks of the eye that surprise and delight, and startling turns of surreal imagination. De Chomón carried on as a filmmaker, specializing in trick effects, working for Pathé, Itala and others.

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    Segundo de Chomón

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