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    Blake Lindsley


    Blake Lindsley


    Blake Lindsley practically grew up around acting for most of her life. Born on December 19, 1973 in Los Angeles, in 1986, while attending the Westlake School for girls, she acted in school plays. At this time, Blake was also a Varsity member of the Equestrian Team. Shortly following her graduating from high school in 1992, Blake enrolled at Yale University as a theatre major. During her time in college she performed in numerous plays. She focused her studies on dramatic literature at Yale. Upon graduating from Yale, Blake received the Saybrook Master's Prize for the Arts. Her career in acting spans well over 20 years, appearing across both movie and television screens in a variety of films and television series. She is a competitive horseback rider and has won many championships including the prestigious Foxfield medal finals in 2010. She lives in the Hollywood Hills with her husband, producer Stephen Nemeth, their son Lincoln and daughter Louise.

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    Blake Lindsley

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