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    Randy Spears


    Randy Spears was born Gregory Deuschle in Kanakee, Illinois. He went to California in the 1980s to do straight acting, and had some moderate success in acquiring minor roles. During this period he also did some modeling. However, he struggled financially due to the writer's strike in the late 1980s, and ended up entering the pornographic film industry to pay his bills. As a porn star, he was very successful garnering dozens of awards, partly because he had acting abilities. However, he says he had issues with working in the industry from the beginning. He could not bring himself to tell his relatives what he was doing and he was concerned the work would destroy his mainstream career. He also says that working in the industry gave him a very distorted view of women and destroyed his relationships with them outside the industry. In 2011, Spears left the industry and has been a vocal critic of it and what it does to our youth.

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    Randy Spears

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