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    JC Smith is a familiar face to indie film fans and true crime television viewers alike. He portrayed the Zodiac killer, Arthur Lee Allen in a Netflix three part documentary. JC appeared in feature films, "Minor Leaguer," staring hockey legends Brett Hull and Teemu Selanne, "Love Kills," a gritty relationship film about love, infidelity and murder, "Back to Bridgewood" staring Nakia Burrise, "Lady Lazarus" where he portrayed Pastor Phil Blaire, "Bird's Eye Witness," directed by Chris Vinan and Sweet Deals Entertainment and a much anticipated docudrama about police corruption in a small New York town. JC has appeared in four episodes of TV Mini series Murder in the Heartland. He enjoys working on shorts and student films, appearing in, "Sift," "Bisected," "Waiting Room," and "Over My Dead Body." He has appeared as himself, a former real life homicide detective in episodes of "CBS 48 Hours Mystery," "Dateline NBC", and TV series "Somebody's Hiding Something." JC is considered one of acting's "late-bloomers." He did not start acting until he was 57 years old, after a 26 year career with the San Diego Police Department and 10 more years as an investigator with the San Diego County District Attorney's Office. The vast majority of his 36 year law enforcement career was spent as a homicide detective. JC is often cast as serious, intense character but is adept in comedic roles. He appeared in a hilarious social media UberEats prank that brought in over 2 million views.

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