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    José Carlos Ruiz


    José Carlos Ruiz (born November 17th, 1936) is a Mexican film and television actor, born in the City of Jerez, Zacatecas, Mexico. His first film intervention is in the film Black Wind, which deals with a tragedy that occurred in the Altar Desert, in Sonora, Mexico, where he acted alongside David Reynoso, Fernando Luján, etc. filmed in 1965. Later (1966) he filmed The Scapular, a prestigious film in which he acted alongside Enrique Lizalde, Ofelia Guilmáin, Alicia Bonet, Carlos Cardán and the late Enrique Aguilar, among other actors. It appears in the historical recreation of a tragic episode that happened in the Republic of Chile, in the tape, Actas de Marusia, which narrates the drama of a bloody crushing of a mining strike in that country. The film is important for the prominent actors who participate in it: Alejandro Parodi, Diana Bracho, Patricia Reyes Spíndola, Eduardo López Rojas, Salvador Sánchez, Gian María Volanté, among others, but also, by the then very recent military coup led by the General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte. In 1976, he appeared in El Apando, a film in which he played a drug addict locked up in the Black Palace or Lecumberri Prison, which is the complaint made by the political express and now disappeared José Revueltas regarding the Mexican prison system, seen from his confinement as a prisoner of conscience in that prison. Under the Shrapnel is a film filmed in 1983, which deals with the issue of the Guerrilla and where this actor plays an infiltrator who finally turns out to be a police officer; Two years later he would film Massacre in the Tula River, where he plays a Colombian guerrilla and trafficker, and which refers to a real-life case that happened in Mexico City, allegedly victimized by police officers.

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    José Carlos Ruiz

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