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    Florin Piersic Jr.


    Florin Piersic Jr.


    Actor, director, screenwriter and producer, is the son of Tatiana Iekel and famous romanian actor Florin Piersic. After a 4 year relationship with actress Dorina Chiriac - with whom he has a little girl, Sonia - divorce her, but raise their daughter together. In July 2009 Humanitas publishes his volume of essays and stories entitled "Complete Works" (ISBN 973-50-2503-8). Also in 2009 he starred in "Gruber's Journey" as "Curzio Malaparte". In 2011 Humanitas publishes Florin's second book entitled "Romantic Porno" (ISBN 978-973-50-2923-4). In 2013, he wrote and produced the one-man-show entitled 'Freak Show'. His performance has been acclaimed both by the public and the critics. In 2015, he won the prize for the Best Actor in a Leading Role (Q.E.D.) at the Gopo Awards (Romanian 'Oscars') and starred in "Complete Works - Volume Two".

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    Florin Piersic Jr.

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