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    Jack Alexander Huston (born 7 December 1982) is a British-American actor. Born into a family with a rich acting legacy, including his grandfather John Huston and aunt Anjelica Huston, Jack Huston has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Huston had a starring role in "Neighborhood Watch" and filmed Outlander (2008) with James Caviezel and Sophia Myles. He appeared in the third film in the Twilight series, Eclipse, where he played Royce King II. Huston gained recognition for his role in HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" as Richard Harrow, a heavily scarred World War I marksman turned gangster. Huston's portrayal of the disfigured World War I veteran garnered critical acclaim and showcased his acting range. Huston would be made a series regular after appearing in five episodes of the first season. He has since appeared in various films and television shows, demonstrating his talent and versatility as an actor across different genres. Huston continues to impress audiences with his compelling performances and dedication to his craft.

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