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    Kyoko Donowaki


    Kyoko Donowaki (堂ノ脇 恭子), born on January 4, 1965, is a Japanese actress and voice artist. Kyoko is associated with the BDP Children's Theater group "Daikina Yume" as an instructor and is affiliated with Office A-Z. Originally from Kanagawa Prefecture, she has played diverse roles across her career. Kyoko Donowaki's early career saw her as a member of the renowned troupe "The Four Seasons" for four years, during which she honed her acting skills. Her captivating performances led her to leave a mark on the industry. In the realm of television, Kyoko has graced various series with her talent. Her appearances include roles in dramas such as "Little Step" (1990), "Love no Okurimono" (1996), "100 Oku no Otoko" (1995), and "Seijo no Kyoshitsu" (2002), among others. Her versatility shines through in her ability to embody diverse characters and bring them to life on screen. Kyoko's voice acting prowess is also noteworthy, with contributions to popular anime series like "Popolocrois Monogatari" (1998), "Ojamajo Doremi" (1999-2002), and "Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!" (2014). (Translated from Japanese Wikipedia: 堂ノ脇恭子)

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    Kyoko Donowaki

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