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    Makiko Kuno


    Makiko Kuno


    Makiko Kuno is a Japanese actress. Her early stage name was Shōko Kuno (久野翔子, Kuno Shōko); she changed it to Makiko Kuno (久野 真紀子, Kuno Makiko), and switched to writing her surname in katakana in 2005. Kuno has been active as a model since senior high school, and as an actress made her debut in 1987. In 1986, she participated in the first Pocari Sweat Image Girl Contest, but lost to 17-year-old Chisato Moritaka in the finals. Kuno was the image girl of the JR East kiosks from 1988 to 1994. In 1994, she released a collection of photographs, Mitsu, and appeared nude in an original video, XX: Utsukushiki Karyūdo. In 1998, Kuno played the part of Sunday in the Chunsoft sound novel Machi to a favorable reception. In addition, she qualified as a sommelier in 1998.

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    Makiko Kuno

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