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    Allen Doye O'Dell was born in Gustine, Texas in 1912 to Joe and Carrie O'Dell. His Dad was a cotton farmer and later moved the family to the far west Texas town of Plainview. Doye's uncle Tom Gregory, a fiddle player, would visit and taught Doye how to play the fiddle, sparking a love of music that would last a lifetime. Doye started playing at radio station WDAG in Amarillo and eventually got his own radio show with NBC. After many years on radio and as a prolific recording artist and even becoming a member of the Sons of the Pioneers, Doye ended up in southern California on KTLA, one of the country's pioneer TV stations. Doye's 'Western Varieties' TV show was a Friday night staple for many years. Doye was also an actor and besides appearing with Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers in some of their late 1940s movies like Under California Stars, Doye appeared in many movies with such names as Ronald Reagan, Jack Lemmon, Ava Gardner and many more. He appeared in many late 50s and early 60s TV series like Maverick, Sugarfoot and Empire. He had parts in two Billy Wilder movies, The Days of Wine and Roses and Irma La Douce. Doye continued playing music and making personal appearances into his 80s until a stroke forced him into retirement. Doye passed away in 2001 at the age of 88. His vast music library is still popular all over the world and his records are collector's items.

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