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    Johnny Thrust grew up in "porn valley" just a few blocks away from the office of the biggest agent in the industry at the time. While dating the wrong girl at the wrong time he sort of fell into the porn industry first as a caterer and occasional actor before turning to screen writing then production manager for director Jim Powers. Contrary to popular belief that he booked mostly himself, as production manager he was allowed to book himself in scenes from time to time averaging 1 scene for every 6 productions. This made him both synonymous with Jim Powers and unpopular with some male talent as they complained that he always booked himself with the best looking girl. Although some considered this underhanded it's common practice for production managers and directors who also do scenes to book themselves with whom they want. Always watching and learning from his mentor Jim Powers, Johnny honed his skills as a cameraman, director and photographer while maintaining the busiest production schedule in porn from 1997 - 2007 averaging 3 shoots a week with an average of 4 scenes per shoot. Although the work load lightened up over the next 3 years he continued to work almost exclusively with Jim Powers while producing for a few other companies from time to time. In 2010 He stopped working for Jim Powers all together and now directs and produces independently for major internet production companies. - Mini Biography By: "Kaiser Solze"

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    Johnny Thrust

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