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    Brad Carr


    Brad Carr has worked on over 279 film, video, television and theater productions in multiple departments. Son to a retired Air Force Colonel, free time was spent watching second-run movies like "Tank" and "Dune". Acquired his first exposure to a film set, when visiting original "Robocop" filming in Dallas. Step-son to former Mayor of Ottawa, Canada. During his freshman year at Lake Forest High School Brad uncovered a hidden desire and talent for fictional writing. At the same time he became extremely active in the high school's vast theater program working in stagecraft and acting. Sophomore year he began telecommunications and drama classes. Once again Brad discovered another hidden talent of producing and directing short videos and began sweeping the in-class "Telecom" awards. He pursued theater and video throughout the rest of high school and after graduating in 1998 he took a summer film program at Columbia College in Chicago.

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    Brad Carr

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