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    Stephen Tung Wai


    Born in 1954 in Ningbo, Mainland China, the young Tung Wen Wei (his original name) followed his family to Hong Kong at the age of four. Four years later, he began to learn the opera of Beijing under the direction of the famous Ms. Fan Fok Fa. It will also be under his tutelage that he will learn the martial arts of the north for more 10 years old. He appears on the big screen in his tenth year for the needs of the movie Squadron 77. In 1978, Snake In The Eagle's Shadow hit the box office and Jackie Chan's successor race began. Everyone is trying their luck and Tung Wei is one of those! With his physical abilities that have nothing to envy to the star, one would have thought he was a good candidate for success but it will never concretize really in the eyes of the public. There was only one place and Jackie occupied it too well. The film that sought to sell it as the new prodigy of the Kung Fu movie, showing off these impressive talents: The Incredible Kung Fu Master. Other films allow him, in smaller roles, to show what he is capable of: The Mar's Villa, Golden Mask or Ten Brothers Of Shaolin. At the beginning of the 1980s, Stephen Tung took a 4 year break away from the big screens to devote himself to television. He works on several TV series from Kung Fu or other Wu Xia, accumulating experience in his new business. Finally, in 1984, he returns to the screens in the first roles with films like Hocus Pocus and Journey Of The Doomed but the films, not very successful, will not allow him to impose himself as an actor of foreground.

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    Stephen Tung Wai

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