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    Gary Piquer is a Catalan actor born in Glasgow , Scottish mother and a Catalan father. He received the Silver Astor for Best Actor for his role in the movie Prince Orsini bad day for fishing . Thanks to their bilingualism has worked in the United States , Great Britain and Spain . He studied Dramatic Arts at Douglas Webbers House of London . On television, he achieved great success among the public with his work on the series Ala ... Dina! of TVE in addition to their participation in other series like The Prince of Viana and Fire. Has also participated the training program of English language depending on the Ministry of Education issued 2 from, 1993 to 1999 called That's Inglés allowing the only so far to obtain the certificate of the Official Language School distance. As for his stage career, Gary Piquer has worked in major theatrical shows, most notably "Romeo and Juliet" and "Who's Afraid of Viriginia Woolf?", Both under the command of Stephen Polls and "Julius Caesar "Shakespeare in assembly director Lluís Pasqual In September 2011 it was announced that Sherlock Holmes will play in the new version that places the Spanish director Jose Luis Garci, Holmes & Watson. Days Madrid .

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