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    Robert Davide


    Robert Davide


    A native born New Yorker, Rob is a dual national of both Italy and the US. He attended both Volgograd and Moscow Universities where he studied Russian/Soviet literature and drama, and concluded his studies in Italian literature and political science at the University of Rome. He then went on to receive a Masters of Arts in International Affairs and Economics from the Johns Hopkins University School of International Studies in Bologna, Italy. Pursuing political films, he used his education and background and studied filmmaking and acting in Rome. Rob began working in Italian productions for both cinema and television before embarking on international productions. As well, he is producing and making his own films and documentaries focusing on international affairs with Israeli and French producers. Roberto is his full name. He is bilingual English and Italian, and fluent in Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, and French. He currently resides in Europe and NYC.

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    Robert Davide

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