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    Vino G. Bastian


    Vino G. Bastian


    Vino G. Bastian, born in Jakarta, March 24, 1982, begin his career as a star model and then spread the wings following the casting film 30 DAYS LOOK FOR LOVE (2004), which also became his film debut. In the film directed by Upi Avianto, Vino portray characters high school kids who dream of forming a band. The film starred with actress Nirina Zubir, Maria Agnes, Dinna Olivia and Revaldo. Bastian Tito author's youngest son, Wiro Sableng comic writer, the more well known figure through his first film, and makes Erwin Arnada, Rexinema director, to put it back in the movie NOTES AT END OF SCHOOL (2005) directed by Hanung Bramantyo. In the Indonesian Movie Award Couple, 2008, Vino won the victory for the three categories, namely a major player Favorite Male, Best Couple together Fahrani Radit and Jani through the film, as well as Favorite Couple through the same film. Through film and Jani Radit Vino G Bastian and Fahrani each successfully occupy a position as Best Male Actor and Best Actress FFI 2008.

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    Vino G. Bastian

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