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    Karlo Karrera


    Karlo Karrera


    2008, marked the beginning of the steady-going career of Carlo Carrera, in the adult film world. Standing an impressive 6'5" and maintaining a superbly-crafted 220 lbs of muscle and an equally magnificent endowment, Carlo continues to gain a fan base with both female and male viewers. Prior to his transition into the pornographic domain, Carlo worked as a bouncer in a local Miami club bar. Despite his intimidating stature, he is regarded as being one of the nicest bouncers anyone could meet. Generally, on camera, during any of his scenes, he is quite gentle with the women, which stands in contrast to his physical power and background being a bouncer. At age 32, when he first appeared before cameras, Carlo was born sometime in 1976 in the Dominican Republic. He lives in Miami, Florida and can be seen in several of the Florida-based porn productions by Bang Bros and Score Entertainment Group.

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    Karlo Karrera

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