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    Sergio Goyri


    Sergio Goyri is a Mexican actor, director and singer most recognized for his work in soap operas. He entered the world of acting in 1976 as a supporting actor in Contrary Worlds alongside Lucía Méndez, who had his first star performance. Some of the telenovelas he has done are: El maleficio, Angélica, The price of fame, Days without a moon, Stolen life, The biggest prize, I still love you, I am your owner, Lady steel, among others. He directed the film Dying My Way (1994) and appeared in films in different roles such as El Cumbias in Pedro Navaja (1984), Antonio Pardo “Capitan Fantasma” in 7 Fugues of the Phantom Captain (1989), The Man in The Throne of Hell (1992), which he also directed, as Hector Belascoaran Shayre in Days of Combat (1994), Pedro in Cabeza de Buda (2009) and Juan Brook in The Seven (2010). He also has a recording career where his albums "La fiesta de mi pueblo", "Hecho para ti" and "Sergio Goyri" stand out. In early 2019, Goyri was involved in a scandal after speaking badly about the growing career of Yalitza Aparicio, protagonist of Alfonso Cuarón's film, Roma.

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    Sergio Goyri

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