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    Cokey Falkow is an actor, writer, voice artist, and comedian originally from South Africa. His father spoke 12 languages and was a shoe salesman. His mother is an award-winning PR practitioner based in Florida, USA. He is the brother of actor and writer Mike Falkow. In his native South Africa, he began his career in theatre with a small part in Hamlet at the Natal Playhouse. That same year he wrote a play with actor Colin Moss which won "Best new play" at the Adams Playwright festival in Durban, South Africa. He is one of only 30 people in South Africa to be chosen to study under improvisation theatre luminary Augusto Boal. In 2008 he was nominated as best supporting actor in a feature film (South African Film And Television Awards 09) for his role as "Alfonso " the albino serial killer in quirky South African comedy "Big Fellas." Due to his talent with accents he also provided voices for radio and animation series, including 10 characters in hit South African kids show 'Urbo.' Since then he has voiced large video game franchises and done various voices for BBC Radio4.

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    Cokey Falkow

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