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    Bernard Robichaud


    Boston-born, Canadian-based, actor, writer and comic, Bernard Robichaud, known to fans worldwide as Cyrus, the gun toting, drug dealing nemesis from the hit television series Trailer Park Boys, started his life in the spotlight as a sought after model. That is, until the day he crossed paths with a Toronto talent agent, who insisted he missed his calling and should try his hand at acting. With that advice in mind, Bernard enrolled in the Theatre Arts program at Dalhousie University and later honed his skills under the private tutelage of esteemed vocal coach Dorothy Ward, and later under the wings of award winning director Tom Kerr at the prestigious Neptune Theatre. Believe it or not, this athletic man who grew up playing hockey and basketball and today is an avid golfer was hired to voice the characters of both Robert and Becky in the CBC radio drama In Becky's Name. Governor General Award winning playwright and author, Kent Stetson, took the liberty of contacting ACTRA on Bernard's behalf, stating that anyone who could play a man and women on radio in their first performance deserved to be given their professional status...and he was, and he hasn't looked back. His uncanny talent of being able to transform himself into a rough and tumble lowlife to a ruggedly handsome good guy has garnered Bernard a variety of most interesting roles over his career including performing alongside such Hollywood icons as James Caan and Kathy Bates. Most recently he was seen in Sea Change on Lifetime movies, based on New York Times best selling author Aimee Friedman, which everyone hopes will go to camera in the near future as a series. He also starred in Blue Seduction co-starring Billy Zane and Estella Warren, and American Sunset, co-staring with his friend, the late Corey Haim. Bernard also had a recurring role as Kirk in the hit Showcase TV series, Haven. Bernard is writing a made for TV series sitcom, called Cranky Cab, co produced by his friend and former producer of Trailer Park Boys, Barrie Dunn, which he will star. He wrote a screenplay Kitchen Sports, an adaptation of his successful1995 play, penned A Woman Scorned, a screenplay feature thriller, and co wrote 13 episodes for a TV sitcom, The Adventures of Black Bart. When not gracing the small or large screens, Bernard tours North America with his stand-up comedy act, It's My Life, Not Yours! The comedy act was originally a portrayal of his character on Trailer Park Boys, but after his first tour, several years ago, Bernard realized that comedy was an expression of truth, and the character, Cyrus, he was portraying, was far from his truth, "it's was like being a cartoon, and difficult to find my voice," and he set forth to develop material that would be easily transformed into the real Bernard Robichaud. Bernard's unique stories of his life...have his audiences busting' a gut! - IMDb Mini Biography By: Kathryn Kates Public Relations

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    Bernard Robichaud

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