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    Garrett Warren


    Garrett Warren is an Ex-Stuntman turned Writer/Director who has been responsible for creating the action in such movies as Avatar, Logan, Alice In Wonderland, Divergent, Real Steel, Alita Battle Angel and the Avatar Sequels. He is an Ex-World Champion Martial Artist and taught fight work to such actors as Hugh Jackman, Zoe Saldana, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Idris Elba, Kate Hudson, Jeffery Dean Morgan and many more. His writing career began with a project he created and partnered with Zoe Saldana and now includes the comic book world with the introduction of "Blanket." On May 20, 2000, a gunman hiding in his Westlake Village apartment shot him four times in the face and upper body. He survived but lost an eye. His ex-wife, Claudia Haro, eventually plead no contest to plotting two attempts to murder Warren and was sentenced to 12 years. His best friend is actor Casper Van Dien. They are both the god-fathers to each others children.

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    Garrett Warren

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