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    Writer/director/producer/editor Charles Vincent Dingley was born on September 6, 1940, in Garden City, Michigan. He began his show-business career in regional theater as a director and stage manager. He subsequently moved east and worked for both Yale Repertory and the Negro Ensemble Company prior to founding the production company Platinum Pictures in New York City. Chuck made his cinematic debut in 1971 with the comedic adult short feature The Appointment (1971). He churned out a slew of often humorous and frequently arousing hardcore X-rated movies from the early 1970s up until the mid-'80s, such as While the Cat's Away... (1972), Blue Summer (1973). Lecher (1973), Heavy Load (1975), Visions (1978), Dirty Lily (1978). Jack+Jill (1979), MisBehavin' (1978), Roommates (1982). Puss 'n Boots (1982), In Love (1983), Bordello (1985), House of the Rising Sun (1987) and Sex Crimes 2084 (1985). Among the popular porno thespians he regularly worked with are Veronica Hart, Samantha Fox and Jamie Gillis. Outside of his hardcore porno fare, Chuck also did "legitimate" R-rated low-budget films, such as the amusing lowbrow comedies Summer Camp (1978), Hot T-Shirts (1980), C.O.D. (1981), Preppies (1984), Hollywood Hot Tubs (1984), Wimps (1986), Sex Appeal (1984), Slammer Girls (1987) and New York's Finest (1990), the horror shocker Deranged (1987), the period action drama Warrior Queen (1987) and the erotic thriller sequel Bedroom Eyes II (1989). He appeared in small parts in a handful of his own pictures. Chuck Vincent died at age 51 from AIDS complications on September 23, 1991 in Key West, Florida.

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