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    Stelio Candelli


    Stelio Candelli


    Stelio Candelli was born on March 28, 1931 in Trieste, Italy. His parents were state employees and after grammar school he attended the Academy of Dramatic Arts from 1954-1957. His first film was in “Gwendolyn” with Raf Vallone in 1957. In the 1960s he appeared in several Euro-westerns and Spy films as Stanley Kent. Among his nine Euro-westerns were, “The Last Tomahawk” (1965), “Blood at Sundown” (1967), “Drummer of Vengeance” and “Viva Django!” both in 1971 and “Trinity and Sartana are Coming” (1972). Stelio also appeared in several small made for television films. In 1996 he moved to England and worked for the BBC in theTV series “Vengeance” and again appeared in “Circus” (1975). Candelli made his stage debut in 1960 with a play by Goldoni and appeared for two seasons with Lydia Alfonsi from 1974-1976. His last film appearance was in 1990's “Mean Tricks”.

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    Stelio Candelli

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